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Lotto Cards

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500 cards—each completely unique—with possible winning numbers for three popular New York Lottery games.

Are you here because you found one of these cards? Did you play any of the numbers? Were you a winner?

example back

I would love to know how your numbers fared for you, where you found the card, or what you think of all of this. Feel welcome to leave a comment, and check back often to see what is new on the site.


Why do this? I wanted to bring a new audience to the site, but I wanted to find an unconventional way of going about it. The challenges to me were; to bring curious people in to the site that were open to the idea of chance as an influence in their own life (as well as finding a group outside of art/design community) and also to not just advertise or litter the city with these cards, but give something that could potentially be of value to the viewer if they act on it.

Five Business Cards

Posted in EXPLORATIONS with tags , on September 25, 2009 by Chris

When asked to gather five items that communicate chance in 30 minutes, I circled the block gathering the first five business cards I could find. They are shown here in the order I found them, clockwise from top. Where I was, which shops were open, and even which shops were out of business cards.5 business cards


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